As a family album, Dinosaur’s Musical Day has a wide appeal beyond the target market of children ages 3-9.

Dinosaur's Musical Day is a very special and charming children’s CD, a collection of songs for kids and the inner child in grown ups. What is a Dinosaur’s Musical Day ? It’s one musical day in the life of a child who thinks he is a dinosaur!

From wake up time to bedtime, we go on a magical adventure with the O’saurus family through each of the 14 songs, meeting some magical animal friends (Teddy bears, Snuggle Buggles, and piano playing hamsters!) along the way.

During your journey with the Dino kids through a Fun musical day, you will witness a Monkey Revolution, Drive Around , travel to Lake Iguanadon to Give Up the Lemons for the Limes, survive a piano lesson with Mrs. Johnson’s Chihuahua, play in a Magical Vegetable Garden, learn about Making Music, and get turned Upside Down! After your Dinosaurus Musicus expedition, you will go to sleep with a lullaby from your Maiasaura mom who will be Home Soon, dreaming of Dinosaurs, your musical day and your Dinomite tomorrow.

Each song on the CD is a complete musical story unto itself, with a carefully blended mix of styles ranging from ¾ ballads to jazz, folk, full orchestral arrangement, and up tempo rock and roll. With your CD of these wonderful songs from a mother’s heart, you can play your favorites over and over, or listen for the full uninterrupted 45 minute musical journey. (The characters from each song are in an illustrated book and story to go along with the CD.) And parents, relax. All lyrics have been approved by educators! Hear songs from the Dinosaur Musical Day CD in MP3 format.

There is also a brand new coloring book created to accompany this CD (see below). Makes a great gift! A percentage of sales profits from all coloring books and CDs go to children's charities and distributed through Mother's Heartlight Music.


All songs (lyrics and music) written by: Jeanine Michaels
Performed by: Jeanine and the Mother's Heart Band
Contributing Musicians: Craig Pilo, Severin Browne, Daryl Silberman, and Darryl Purpose
Recorded at: Boulevard Sound (except for "Making Music" - recorded and mixed by Steven Chesne and Chezworks Studios)
Mixed at:Charles Laurence Studio
Engineered and Mixed by: David Bloom
Mastered by: Charles Laurence (except for "Making Music" - produced and arranged by Steven and Diane Chesne)
Produced by: Jeanine Michaels, Tracy Caine and David Bloom
Published by: Mother’s Heartlight Music
Cover art by: Morgan Green
Graphic design by: Ilyswen Vaughan

Dedicated to my mother, Nona, who left us during the making of this CD. “May the road rise up to meet you...”
Thank you for giving me life. We will miss you.

Thank you to all the mothers, fathers, teachers and care givers who work so hard for children everywhere. This is for the children you love and the inner child who lives in you. Thank you to my family, especially Curt, Meghan and Brendan, for your love and inspiration. Meg and Ben, I love you with all my mother’s heart. Thanks for letting me put your lives into my songs. Thank you to the families of all my talented musicians who let them come out and play. (Hillary, Eric and Kayla!) And to all families everywhere, may you always love each other well and have Fun! Thank you to my brothers, Jay and Chris, who added so much to the recording process with their talent and support. Most special thanks to my musicians/magicians, The “Mother’s Heart Band” who brought the songs to life. Thanks Eddie... for TRUST! Thanks Steve and Diane for your vision of Making Music and the wonderful children’s choir. Thank you to the caring teachers at Beckford school who listened for lyric content and gave their approval. And to the fabulous kids at Beckford and elsewhere who told me which songs they liked best. Always Test your Wings! Thank you Morgan, for the inspired and beautiful art from your heart. Thank you all my dear friends for your support, for listening, and for sharing.
‘Lil Randi, thanks for knowing what’s funny. Thanks Karen, for your healing touch. And most of all, thank you to David Bloom, the Ringmaster of the Mother’s Heart Band, without whom I couldn’t have done it! Thank you, Holy Spirit in us all. ~ Jeanine


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Making Music

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All lyrics and music written by Jeanine Michaels
© Jeanine Michaels 2002
All rights reserved



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