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May 24th Any Year

Happy Birthday Mama! It is a new decade for Jeanine! Some people might find this scary, but I go forward with the heart of a Warrior and a love of life!

These are a few of my Avatars who are happy to represent the birthday lady.

As an actor who was trained to play different characters, these Avatars are really fun for me. Hey, Casting Directors! I may not be a Leading Lady anymore, but I've always enjoyed playing characters, even when I started as an actor. A long time ago! Anyone need a grandma? A bag lady? A funny neighbor? A weird guardian angel? Tool Girl/Old Tool Girl? Singer in a really dark bar? Life Coach? Cowgirl? Pirate? Queen? Nurse? (I played a LOT of those!) Maybe you need a funny nurse?

⬆️ Paid And Ready For A Cool Gig 🆒

Back to Birthdays, but who is counting? If you guys would like to see the new video I just uploaded to our Video Page on this website, please go to the video page and watch:

" Happy Birthday Mama"

You can celebrate my 🥳 birthday 🎂 with me! All are welcome!

Cheers To The Years Gone By And Still To Come!

Warning: It is nine minutes long! But worth it in my humble opinion.

To illustrate my point about "Getting older is not for the faint of heart", even though some of the video content may be personally embarrassing I'm sharing it anyway. It's like I've said before, as you get older it seems as if you care less and less about what other people think and that frees you you to just be yourself and enjoy your life. Of course, with respect for other people and an attitude of love and gratitude.

I have a custom long sleeve T-shirt that says:

"Don't Piss Off Old People! The older we get the less "Life In Prison" is a deterrent. I think it's a really cool shirt! Hey, I didn't write it I just wear it!

Ginny, my loyal lovely little professional troublemaker rescue pup, seems to enjoy this T-shirt.or she is scared shirt less!

Like so many women before me have done, you can lead an inspiring life all your life and the years you have lived only add to everything you are and everything you give to the world! Bless Women Everywhere! We are mothers,daughters, sisters, friends, workers, creators, writers, artists, explorers, feminine energy, love and power! We are fierce and fearless! We are ageless! You go girl!

Or if you don't write your own book, watch out because your kids may write one about you! And it may not be flattering or exactly reflective of

Who You Think You Are!

Gotta have a sense of humor. That is one of the biggest things I've learned in life. If I had not had a sense of humor, I don't think I would've survived some of the experiences I had. Especially in the 1960s and 1970s. Although, I guess you could also include the 1980s!

Well my friends, seems as if it has been hours since I have been working on this blog post, and I wanted to include some of the secrets, tips and best advice I have received over the years.

All guaranteed that if applied, will most certainly make your life easier and everyone else's lives in your life easier. But that may take another birthday to compile and write for you. So I think possibly the next blog post might include some of these wonderful words of wisdom I have encountered. Will you come back?

With love and affection and best wishes for your happiness and health,

I end this blog post with the most important advice I've learned.


Queen Jeanine

AKA In Childhood "Jeanine, Jeanine, The Jumping Bean"

Thanks Maggie! Really funny Paw Ha Ha

My life is dedicated to my beloved daughter, Meghan Camille. Where ever you are now Meggie, I pray that you are safe in Gods Hands, and remember that you were created from love and loved so very much! You will always be my heart! You are the love of my life! You are my raison d'être! You were already the woman that I wish I could become. Thank you my darling for the inspiration. Your mama misses you every day! But I have a feeling that you just might be with me on my birthday somehow some way, I hope to honor your memory with every new year I celebrate on May 24th.Gotta have some Gemini!

And even though getting older is not for the faint of heart, it is for all those who live in loves' heart. So live, learn and love!

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