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Our beautiful daughter 🦋 Meghan Camille Leftwich 💝 left this earth on December 7, 2022 at 5:50 PM. I was there when she took her first breath and I was there when she took her last. It is said that the worst pain you can endure in life is losing your child. My family and I are heart💔 broken. She leaves behind her mother (me) her father Curt and her younger brother and best friend, Brendan James.

She also leaves behind a myriad of people who also loved her. That's who our daughter was! Living breathing pure love! She was well known as an advocate for those who were hurting in this life. From the time she was an empathetic child to her later years in her career as a paralegal for a free neighborhood legal law clinic. Her patience, kindness and intelligence were only a few of the gifts she used to assist people in need.Meghan was so loved! And she will be deeply missed. But we as a family, have decided to best honor her life by living our best lives possible.And by loving each other, the way she did it. Although no one could love as unconditionally as my daughter, we can all live our lives with the Grace of love. Rest In 🕊 Peace Sweet Girl! You will always Be My Heart!

Most friends and family were shocked to receive this devastating news. Meg was extremely special and all of us are lucky to have known her in whatever capacity we knew her, whatever relationship we had with her and whatever time we were lucky enough to spend with her. I am still in the beginning stages of grief so will keep this post to a minimum with plans to add more about our amazing girls as I can. This is a timeline video I created for friends and family who had questions about what happened. We can never answer why, but I'll explain what in the following video:

"From every place below the skies

The great full song, the fervent prayer

The incense of the heart may rise

To heaven and find acceptance there"

Every Place A Temple

John Pierpont 1785–1886

"May The Road Rise Up To Meet You..."

Family: Nana Jana and her grandpa Geo

Back row: brother Brendon James, Aunt Andy, Uncle Chris, Mom Jeanine, Meghan and her Poppy

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