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Updated: Jul 15, 2022


I have written two previous blogs about this craziness with the copyright infringement issues. But it keeps happening every time I try to post one of my videos to social media venues like YouTube and TikTok with my song.

My latest problem was with TikTok. I posted a short video with my song and they immediately removed the sound and informed me that there was a copyright infringement strike. ON MY SONG!

And to add insult to injury they said that "we at TikTok take these copyright infringements very seriously and your account may be suspended!"

Here are my CDs...

The only place I really haven't had an issue with posting any of my videos or music is on my own website!!!

So here is the video I posted to TikTok in frustration with this entire lunacy. It does not reflect that deep anger and helplessness I feel. Didn't most of our mamas teach us to keep a smile on our face even when we were NOT feeling like smiling?

Here is the m

usic I had to use when posting to TikTok. I don't mind because the app I use to create my videos, InShot, has a nice library of music to choose from! Although I have had to defend using that licensed library as well! Oh well, another story for another annoying blog post.

So I guess I'll see what happens when I try to post some thing to TikTok again!

Changing the subject and on a lighter note, I am starting to look for work as a videographer and photographer. It is almost a third career in addition to my careers as an actor and a singer/songwriter. You can check out my website to hear my music and I may post a résumé from my acting years. But I did a lot of television, plays and a few movies. So here is a video I created to showcase my photography work and hopefully find some people who want either a collage, or a special video created for a special occasion in their lives! By me!

I got the idea when my neighbor saw a few of my collages and she asked me to create a special one for her husband of his beloved dogs.🐶 🐕 🦮 🐩 🐕‍🦺 🐾 🦴 Fun!

If you happen to be reading this blog and you are interested, watch my little presentation below.

Some of my favorite collages and art!

So thank you 🙏🏼 for reading and watching the videos I posted. If you notice, the video for my photography information has my own song on it! I wrote "UNVERSE DIVINE" a few years ago and this was the song where the sound was muted. 🐾 PAW Ha ha ha!

Now people can hear it!

In closing, I would like to mention that I am working on a new MacBook Pro! That is a story for another blog but hint: COSTCO!



This is an update I wanted to share with you. Every time that I dispute a copyright claim, the claim is released! I give the reasons why I have permission to use other artist songs as well as my own and submit the dispute. They have 30 days to review it, and 99% of the time the copyright infringement claim is removed. I am so happy! These are 2 examples that I would like to frame because it reminds me it is worth the time in trouble to dispute an infringement claim if you have done everything right and not infringed on anyone else's copyright! YAY!!!!

YES! I am happy!

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