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Updated: Jun 24, 2022

I don't know about you guys, but I have so many passwords I can not remember them all! I don't think anyone with more than a dozen passwords remembers what they are. I recently had another very annoying and even destructive session with AOL to recover a password that was missing for access to my email. They finally after over an hour, managed to re-create a new password, but in the process deleted all of the passwords in my keychain! All of them! I had recently purchased a new book, forgive the title if you are sensitive to words, but it is a book to store your passwords, usernames, websites and more.

So I am using it to write down the website, the date, the username, the password and fill in the space it provides for any notes you want to take on the account. There are several pages for every letter in the alphabet. Although I cannot think of a website that starts with the letters X or Z.

And speaking of email, I finally gave in and created a Gmail account because of the multiple issues and problems with the AOL addresses. One of the difficulties in changing over to Gmail is that I would have to notify every website that uses my AOL address to login. That email is also on my business cards and most contacts. So changing everything to Gmail would be very time consuming. But probably save time in the end because I will be able to access and read incoming mail. I about to delete the 2000 emails that have come in in the last couple of weeks whether I want them or not. To individually go through each unwelcome email message, I would have to unsubscribe and delete either one by one or en masse. Delete delete delete! And if there is something important, whoever sent it will just have to re-send it because I can't deal with these advertisements and other clutter in the mailbox. And that is when I can even access it! Yes, I requested that AOL put up blocks for spam and advertisements but they still keep coming!

Modern life necessitates that we have these email addresses and ways to communicate with businesses and friends. But everything these days seems to require passwords. Today for example I had to change five passwords, and with one website, even with two password changes and codes sent to my iPhone, I still cannot access this "Share Pro"" store! I can't submit my music to the site and add the biography, photos, links and everything required to have an online store. And I already uploaded my information two times with different emails and different passwords.I'm even having trouble adding PayPal to my website because the password and username to access my new PayPal account do not match! It is so frustrating because I would like to use this website for business.


Other people have recommended storing your passwords as hardcopies in folders or files somewhere as well as having them on your computer or other device. It's good advice and very much like my father told me years ago: "save save save!" and have back ups of all of your work. He probably never imagined however that a company like AOL would be able to completely mess up your computer, your keychain and lose all your passwords. One fortunate Back Up I had was the iPhone which still has my passwords. But many of those pesky passwords have now been changed.Oh, what to do?

It took me a while to get used to face recognition on the iPhone, but now I do appreciate that feature because often instead of a password, you can use fake recognition, or rather face recognition, (Freudian slip) to access a site or a payment method. These computers are supposed to make your life easier, but I'm sure many of you have found like I have that they just complicate it and add more time and tasks to your already full day. And another issue I'm having is that my MacBook Pro keeps running out of memory and storage space. I think that is a subject for another time. But I've had to learn what the differences between a GB and a megabyte are, as well as how to manage storage space by deleting a lot of things I'd rather keep on the computer. Yes you say, but haven't you heard of external drives where you can store files you no longer need on the computer? Yes I have three of them! One is Mac approved and not working, the other is a 5 TB storage called "My Passport" which is also not working, a USB super Drive which guess what, isn't not working either! Yeah, I know it's probably me and not the drives! But I do wish that the MacBook Pro came with more storage space because my options are to either buy more storage space, or upgrade to a new computer.


Anyway, I'm going to keep this short tonight because life goes on outside of websites and blogs and computers and passwords! So I hope you are all having an easier time with your pesky passwords and can manage them with ease and joy!

LOVE ABOVE ALL as always from your Life Is Better With Humor Blogger





PS My birthday is May 24th. I will post next then when I am older and wiser!


I still cannot access my AOL mail accounts so I switched to Gmail!

And the best news of all is: last week I got a brand new MacBook Pro with 2 TB of storage space so I shouldn't run out of room to store my videos anymore! I am so grateful and blessed. I am learning to work with a trackpad with this new computer instead of the mouse I used to use.

Please go visit my video page to see the new videos I've posted! The newest one is called: "THE QUEST FOR 🌺 BEAUTY" it has a lot of beautiful images in it that I am sure you will find beautiful! With gratitude, and LOVE ABOVE ALL!


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