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It has been a while since I last posted a new blog entry. Actually, I had a great one about difficulties in adding new videos to my website but after leaving the blog editor to deal with an advisor, I came back to edit it and poof! It disappeared! Two hours of writing and adding GIFs and photos, and all that work was just... gone.

So I will attempt to create a new blog update.

If one door doesn't open, try the window! Defenestration!

We were invited to my friends house in Thousand Oaks for dinner and a visit. To thank Frank I created a cool video about our day. We had such a lovely time, talking and eating and taking photos. Below are a couple of moments from our day.

Because that is what I do these days! Hours and hours of coming up with ideas for new videos, filming for new videos, editing new videos, adding music to new videos, saving the new videos to three devices, writing descriptions for new videos, and finally posting the videos to various platforms. As a creator, and especially as a Singer/Songwriter/Musician, the music choices for videos is very important to me. I especially love the Apple iPhone memories for you on my iPhone. They are artificial intelligence generated little shorts, created from your photo and video library on your computer.

However, you are not allowed to share these with the Apple Music to platforms like YouTube. That is one of the reasons I am so happy to have my own website and the freedom to post new videos as I envision them with the music that I feel best accompanies the video.

Not saying that I can handle a movie camera but I wish I could and I wish that I had one to make better videos. For now, I use my iPhone 12. I do have a GoPro but haven't been able to work it yet. And yes, I do read the user manual, but it doesn't help. If you know me, you know that I am technologically challenged, but have had to learn so many things about present day technologies and gadgets. I am including a link to my YouTube channel where you can see a funny video about me trying to assemble and install a Bakers Rack in our kitchen to create more work storage space.

Look For "Parts + Pieces + Poles Oh My!

Any addition to daily creative endeavors, I am actively seeking work in any of the fields I am best qualified. That includes acting, voiceover, comedy, videography, singing, songwriting, and photography. I have recently created a LinkedIn profile and hope that someone might, enjoy what I do and I could actually get paid for all of this work. That would definitely make the husband happy!


So if you see me coming with my iPhone, and I look like I'm ready to take your picture, please smile and cooperate. I promise I won't make you look goofy or use any thing I photograph without your permission. Although I do enjoy making our dogs look dopey.

Thank you for taking the time to read my new entry. I truly appreciate every visitor on the website. Please feel free to leave a comment and please have a creative, fun and amazing day!

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