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In My Kitchen .HEIC

About Me


I had a 25-year career as an actor in TV, film, and stage. My first job was on the film “The Trial of Billy Jack” where I worked for two weeks on location in Arizona. Thank you to Director and Star Tom Laughlin for casting the 18-year-old me.

Some other highlights include: 
• A recurring role on “Knots Landing” as 
Abby‘s hapless secretary Melanie. 
• 3 Episodes of “Dallas”.
• A Cult Member in the Feature Film “Serial”.
• The lead Petra in “ The Bitter Tears of 
Petra Von Kant” directed by Martin Magner at 
the Pilot Theatre, Hollywood CA. 
• Overly zealous Charge Nurse in “The White 
Shadow with scene partner Ken Howard.
• The 3 years I worked as a Background 
Artist in a regular role as a nurse with occasional. Silent Bits and one SAG credit gave me a great “on-set” education learning about and observing all the elements used in making a quality TV show. 
• Last professional acting job was a ditzy 
Marin housewife with scene partner Jason 
Priestly on "Beverly Hills 90210" so it's time for 
another part after a long break. 
• Attention Casting Directors: Specialty: 


Character roles and voiceovers.
• “Once an actor, always an actor"
• “Jeanine works and plays well with others” 
Sister Mary Frances.

• Studied acting in New York for a year 
where I received excellent training and learned about survival and how it feels to have your apartment robbed. Thank You, NYC!
• Jeremiah Comey Studio
• Jack Manning Theatre For Actors
• SAG Conservatory
• DGA Program Actor
• Actors Together Showcases

I worked, lived, and traveled in Europe for 3 years and Israel for 6 months before returning to work and life in the Los Angeles area. I supported myself by performing music, working as an au pair, and picking dates!


• Have been a professional musician since age 16. I have played in various musical styles with various bands locally and on tour. From rock ‘n’ roll to blues to ballads, I loved singing and working with some awesome musicians.
• Thank You to 3 musicians who taught me the most about performing. I worked and played with them at the club “Mr. Roberts” in Long Beach, CA as the guest lead singer. This jazz trio were all in their 70s at the time and had enjoyed illustrious careers working with artists like Billie Holiday. From the leader of this renowned Trio, I learned that my key was B flat. Another highlight was

• Two years at La Costa Spa in Carlsbad CA with the House Band led by Michael Rorah as the lead singer. Six nights a week for two years for 4 to 6 hours a night in high heels will certainly not be forgotten. I had to see a chiropractor several times during that gig!



We are donating 100% of all income from

videos and music on YouTube Channels To: ASPCA

Diabetes Research Institute Foundation

Flowers For Mama.HEIC
Yes I Am Cold.heic


My family is the most important element of my

life and my permanent job. I can’t be fired or retire from this one! 

• My son Brendan has his private pilot's license, my daughter Meggie was a paralegal for a free law clinic and dad/husband Curt is an attorney. 
• They are loving, kind, funny, intelligent and beautiful people.
•Tragically we lost our beloved daughter Meghan Camille in December 2022. Our family and friends are heartbroken and will never be the same. But she is always in my heart, her spirit is always with me and all of my future work will be dedicated to her.



• Hawaii and swimming in the beautiful ocean, walking on the beach, and enjoying local cuisine. We try to be respectful of the people, culture, and land and love living in Aloha
• Waupaca WI
• Art and Artists
• My amazing supportive friends
• Connection to my Higher Power and Spiritual Counseling of others.
• Volunteering 
• Teaching Music Classes for LAUSD Elementary School
• Our 3 Rescue Pups “The Three Amigos“
• Reading Reading Reading
• Humor
• Being of service to others 
• Being in Nature 
• Witnessing Random Acts Of Kindness
• The Universe Divine " CDs 
• 12 of my songs are now available to hear on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube, and more music platforms. 
• Artist Jeanine Michaels and the Mothers Heartlight Band 

My CDs

“Dinosaurs Musical Day” for families with children and “One Light” for the rest of us 
• I have a vision for a new CD which I hope to record soon: “Return to the Light" VIDEOS 
• My videos are now available to view on social platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, X, Twitter 
• YouTube Channels: 



• Making shell boxes as gifts
• Recently discovered a talent for assembling almost anything. I put together an entire five-tiered Bakers Rack overnight by myself! Then made a video about it.
• Re-organized and re-decorated our home and mountain cabin. No one else can find anything anymore. By design! I

• Always enjoyed a wide variety of sports ranging from figure skating, tennis, horseback riding water skiing, and snow skiing. Unfortunately, degenerative arthritis has limited the fun these days 
• Painting, Card Making, Crochet Cleaning and Cooking are still possible! 
• Composing • Listening to music 
• Shooting Pool and winning

• I have been blessed with an amazing life with awesome experiences and I am grateful always! 
• I believe a sense of humor helps us deal with life's challenges more easily. 
• Fortunately, I have been told I was funny all my life beginning with Sister Francis Perpetua who said “ What’s so funny Jeanine? Share with the class“  
• My advice is to always have gratitude, trust, faith, courage and love what you do and do what you love! 
• Love Above All



... "Thank you for this beautiful album"

"The firrst time I listened to Dinosaurs Musical Day, I just listened to the melodies and smiled over Jeanine's joy which comes across so well. The second time I sat with the lyrics so I could follow all the stories. Jeanine has a special ability to see the animals from a child's point of view and the melodies have a contagious spirit" Leslie Lazar  Chicago

" I listen to this CD in my car when I drive from our remote country location into town. It is very comforting and I love the music. Her song "Mighty Raven" was playing and a raven flew next to the car on one drive! Awesome! Thank you Jeanine. "One Light" is my favorite CD."

-Lily Tanner Macy/Artist



"Jeanine Michaels is one of the best music  teachers I have seen.Her classes are fun and  lively and the kids love her"-
Jim Lites
Teacher/ Beckford Elementary 


" I love ALL of the photos you sent and the gull against the sun is magical…

Your website looked wonderful, great job you did on a major undertaking … "

Vivian Levin

Laguna Beach, CA


"We just got the coloring book that goes with the Dinosaurs CD and my daughter has been enjoying coloring along to each song. It's a family activity and the CD is perfect for family time"

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