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Writers Hand

Singer Songwriter Musician Tool Girl Photographer

Video Maker Animal Rescuer  Writer Student of Life!

and married MOM to 2 amazing grown children. 

I can't believe I am writing my own bio! Where is a good writer when you need one? I'll start with my family.

My son has his private pilots license, my daughter is a paralegal for a free law clinic, and dad is an attorney. 

They are loving, kind, intelligent and beautiful people.When they are not complaining about me!

My family loves dogs and we have 2 paw-some rescue pups. Bree is currently 8 years and Ginny almost 2. Now my son's dog Sully lives with us along with his owner making it a 3 dog circus. See Bree’s dog blog for stories she writes about our family from a pup perspective with lots of photos and more! She is however getting older and would prefer relaxing.

My favorite place to be is Hawaii swimming in the beautiful ocean, walking on the beach, and enjoying local cuisine. We always try to be respectful of the people, culture and land and try to live "Aloha"

I had a 25 year career as an actor in TV, film and stage. My last acting job was on "Beverly Hills 90210" so it's time for another part after a long break. Specialty: Comedy and Character roles

"Once an actor, always an actor" 🎭

I studied acting in New York for a year where I learned about survival and how it feels to have your apartment robbed.




I worked, lived and traveled in Europe for 2 years when single, and Israel for 6 months. I supported myself  performing music. The suitcase is waiting to go on a new adventure soon.  For now I will have to make do with making video adventure

12 of my songs are now available to hear on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube and more venues. Please search Jeanine Michaels and the Mothers Heartlight Band to listen. I have two CDs: “Dinosaurs Musical Day” is for families with children and the other, “One Light” is for adults I have a vision for a new CD which I hope to call "Return to the Light"

My videos are now available to view on YouTube, so if you are so

inclined, go to channel 


to see them there and be sure to give them a 👍

 I recently discovered a talent for assembling almost anything. And have re-organized and re-decorated our home and mountain cabin.

No one else can find anything anymore.

I always enjoyed a wide variety of  sports ranging from ice-skating, tennis, horseback riding and skiing. Unfortunately, degenerative arthritis has limited the fun these days and made mama crabby


I have been blessed with an amazing life with awesome experiences and I am grateful always!


I believe a sense of humor helps us deal with life's challenges more easily.

My advice is to always have gratitude, and love what you do and do what you 💕 love!


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Jane copy_edited.jpg
Doggy in Bed
Doggy in Bed
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"We just got the coloring book that goes with the Dinosaurs CD and my daughter has been enjoying coloring along to each song. It's a family activity and the CD is perfect for family time"


Customer Reviews

"A helping voice...This recording is for anyone who has ever felt depressed and alone. The lyrics reach out, with understanding and encouragement. The more one listens, the better one feels. Thank-you, and congratulations! " ~ Lillemor Macdonald from Sheffield, England


"One light....her music is uplifting and inspirational truly a hidden treasure waiting to be found..." . ~ Chris Disimile, Northridge, CA 


"Once in a great while a talent like Jeanine Michaels comes along. She sings passionately and poignantly in a rich contralto. Moreover Jeanine writes all of her work. As a performer her skill is remarkable. And as writer/composer she out does herself with each new piece. Whether it's melancholy or uplifting the performance of each of Jeanine's work match the mood. My personal favorite is Wave of the Dolphin. This work truly brings me joy and White Butterfly is wonderfully bluesy in a very different way. Jeanine Michaels One Light CD is, in my opinion, guaranteed to succeed!" ~ Morgan Green, Artist, Orange, CA


"ONE LIGHT... STAR LIGHT...Jeanine Michaels is a Star, and the light of her latest CD, One Light, shines to illuminate the struggle for recovery and sobriety. Her feminist approach is perfectly keyed to the lyrics and never overwhelms the wonderful music. She is a Star, an Artist, and One Light proves it to all who are fortunate enough to listen and understand. A wonderful, uplifting present, for yourself or your closest friends." ~ Beachey, Encino, CA


"To Ms. Michaels, I found the music to have a tranquilizing effect, while the lyrics were quite powerful. This CD is rich with gentle Spirituality. Wave of the Dolphins had me out frolicking with them in the joy and peace that they are, but remember it is your music that took me there, I thank you. No Mirrors made me sad and angry but not at you...the lyrics made me see myself. Code 5150 the music effectively creates the mood but your vocal control had such lovely inflections that is soared. Here are some words...Universal Divinity, luminescent, uplifting and so beautifully performed. You took important issues and brought God into the party (and the guests didn't even know it!) No Mirrors was sad and got to me quite effectively, perhaps we recognize ourselves. The 12 steps also touched me..White Butterfly is kinda bluesy and made my Spirit soar. It's a wonderful CD of you, for you, by you. Creativity is what Spirit is and is what Spirit has given us. It's Hot! And I am delighted to know someone who knows about that Spirit and uses the gifts. You are truly blessed." ~ Cynthia Purdy, Orange, CA


"...Each shining song is a gem...intelligent lyrics, a message of hope, and a "surprise" concept!"

"...ballad to rocker, this one has style!"






"A collection of 12 heartfelt and deeply spiritual vocals corresponding to the 12 Steps that pay honest tribute to the power of the pain and triumph during recovery. There’s nothing superficial about the experience in Michaels’ music and lyrics, and I like particularly that her children are a tender vein that runs through her recovery, like ballast in a ship, making her experience uniquely womanly. The music and lyrics she has written are adult contemporary and she’s backed by some talented and well-known musicians." ~ "Steps for Recovery" Magazine By Audrey DeLaMartre


Jeanine Michael's previous release, "Dinosaur's Musical Day," was an exceptional, well written and highly intelligent children's album which, of course, was directed at a much younger audience. After entertaining children with her musical creativity, she decided to release a collection of songs to entertain their parents and "One Light" is the end result of her efforts. This twelve track album could be tagged with a pop label, but, to do it justice, it should be considered mature pop or even adult contemporary. Much like her children's release, this album is highly intelligent with lyrics that almost everyone can relate to because her subject matter remains based around our own humanity. Jeanine also ventures into rock territory from time to time through out this release, which gives her music more variety. This is an album for those of you who simply appreciate good music and, for those of you with pre-teen children, you might wanna look into "Dinosaur's Musical Day" and give them something that's a million times better than any of those other "kiddie" albums you currently have to tolerate. Stand out tracks here include "Wave Of The Dolphin," "Let Love Live Here" and "The Chill: Code 5150." This is an album for those of you who simply appreciate good music. -- Paul Autry, Spotlight e-zine, October, 2002


Guitarist Mother_edited.png


"Jeanine Michaels is one of the best music  teachers I have seen.Her classes are fun and  lively and the kids love her"-
Jim Lites
Teacher/ Beckford Elementary       

Vivian Levin

Laguna Beach, CA


" I love ALL of the photos you sent and the gull against the sun is magical…

Your website looked wonderful, great job you did on a major undertaking … "


Dolphin at Sea


Row of the tops of heads of cats and dog

 Thank you Music Mama! We love your songs and want to give you a puppy review:  'WOOFIN' PAWSOME!"🦴⭐️

Flying seagull isolated on white backgro


Thank you to everyone for the wonderful reviews. I am truly honored and so happy that you enjoy my music. I am excited to create some more songs for you. And so we shall     "RETURN TO THE LIGHT"


“ WOW!That was very special, right down my alley! Great song, Great sound!”

Dan Vanpoucke

Tennis Pro/ Kaanapali Alii/Maui 

For Wave The Dolphin

Denise Hlavka • 2 days ago

Uplifting music!


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DJ Headphones_edited.png



... "Thank you for this beautiful album"

"The firrst time I listened to Dinosaurs Musical Day, I just listened to the melodies and smiled over Jeanine's joy which comes across so well. The second time I sat with the lyrics so I could follow all the stories. Jeanine has a special ability to see the animals from a child's point of view and the melodies have a contagious spirit" Leslie Lazar  Chicago




Beautiful Jeanine👏!   It brought me back to the 1960’s, (or was it  70’s) when you were traveling in Europe.  You sent the most interesting letters to your parents (that your dad shared with my mom) on your adventures.  We marveled then, at your gift of writing on how you made words come alive.  God has truly blessed you with with gifts of writing and song.  Let us not forget to give God Almighty the praise for our amazing planet and universe which He created.  

Keep on writing cousin, 👍❤️




" I listen to this CD in my car when I drive from our remote country location into town. It is very comforting and I love the music. Her song "Mighty Raven" was playing and a raven flew next to the car on one drive! Awesome! Thank you Jeanine. "One Light" is my favorite CD."

-Lily Tanner Macy/Artist





We rescued these beautiful babies from a fallen branch and took them to the "Hummingbird Rehabilitation Mom" They are so tiny! We are so happy we were able to rescue them! Why are they on this page you ask? Because they are music to my ears!


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