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Waiting On Hold
Jeanine Michaels

Waiting On Hold

Waiting On Hold Oh No! Don’t place me on hold! Odds are that most of you have endured the “waiting on the hold” experience. It goes like this: You need to make a call and reach a live human being on the other end to discuss your issue. But since almost anywhere you need to call is busy, you will be transferred to an automated voice recording. You will frequently be given options to select from on your keypad. One of these options is to request a callback rather than wait on hold. I usually choose that option, but this time I thought I would wait on hold and video the experience to share with you because so many of us have spent valuable time waiting on hold. I hope that you can relate and laugh. I do try to find the humor in all situations no matter how frustrating they may be. Laughing boosts the immune system and if you have the choice to laugh or cry, choose laughter. A couple of tips for you for the next time you are on hold, multitask! If you can set the phone down and go hands-free, you can actually get a lot of work done while you are waiting on hold. Some robot call center script you may hear: “We apologize for the inconvenience." "Your… is important to us." “We will be with you shortly.” I think these robots go to a special school for training before they get the gig. When the bots are in training, they learn how to phrase something so that it does not further infuriate the customer. Out of these options which one Bot Boots? “Thank you for patiently waiting" “Thank you for being on hold" or “Thank you for holding” The best answer is "Thank you for holding.” "Thank you for patiently waiting" sounds condescending. They may not have been at all patient. “Thank you for being on hold” sounds like thank you for having brown hair or thank you for being named Bob. They were on hold because you put them on hold and they don't deserve thanks for something beyond their control. And don't expect them to say “You're welcome”. Just get to the business at hand as fast as possible. Now that's funny. In this video, I had two important calls to make. One to a website Advisor at WIX, and the other to the Kaiser pharmacy. Both calls were important and needed to be completed. Here is my experience.
For My “Hanimal” Lovin’ Daughter
Jeanine Michaels

For My “Hanimal” Lovin’ Daughter

For My “Hanimal” Lovin’ Daughter With Love From Mama and Photos From Meghan Title Explanation: Not a typo error! Meghan used to pronounce Animals as Hanimals when she was learning to talk. And then never stopped talking. The inspiration and creation of this new work came from my beautiful beloved daughter Meghan. I miss her every day since she left this world last December. She left behind a lot of pack rat type stuff! Boxes and Bags and more Boxes and Bags! I am still going through them. But one of the treasures I found among bags of mail from 6 years ago, was a cute little baglet containing her flash drives where she had saved her work, photos, documents, college papers, letters of recommendation, law school work from Loyola Law School and other Meghan stuff. I was able to plug in an adapter to my MacBook Pro and view the contents on the flash drive. I was even surprised myself to see a few of the academic and volunteer awards she had received and saved that I was unaware of. I knew that throughout her entire short life, she won all kinds of awards. When I opened her documents folder, I was so proud to see her diploma from UCLA with her Bachelor of Arts degree and a Summa Cum Laude acknowledgment. Wow! My daughter was really awesome and Paw🐾some. Bear with me my friends as I celebrate my daughter. The photos you will see in this video were chosen by Meghan and she called this folder: “Happy Animals". I don't know where she got these wonderful images, but I'm so glad that she saved them and hope she would approve of what I’ve done with them. Just between you and me, I could feel her with me as I was making this new movie for you. May May was almost childlike in her love for all creatures great and small. She loved our dogs and was involved in many animal rescues with me. She was so sweet kind and couldn't bear the thought of any animals hurting or in distress. I aspire to achieve the level of empathy that she had in her heart for every living creature including humans, who often just annoy me. So I think it was perfect that she created a compilation of happy animals. I am now happy to share them with you. I hope they make you happy too. Please remember to take care of your own animals and treat these beautiful beings who share our planet with us with love, kindness and respect. I think that a dog knows more about unconditional love than any human being! What do you think of “Mans’ Best Friend”? I know a lot of you also love animals and I thank you for your care and concern for them. So please enjoy the video... Woof! Note From Jeanine: I created two versions of this video, one for my website and one to share on YouTube. They are very similar with a few minor changes, but the big difference is the music. For the website version you will see here , I chose music that I love and gives me joy and that I feel as a creator best suits the images you will see. I wanted you to know that as a musician who loves music, the music in my videos is essential to the experience of watching them.

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I am adding some cool videos from blissful days on the island of Maui.

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These are of what are called

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Pictured here are my head shots from my days as an actor.

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