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Entertaining tales from a rescue dog's perspective about love, life and family. Dear Visitors! Thank you for coming to see us, we are happy to have you. We hope you can find everything you are interested in. Entries are in order from newest to oldest, so if you are new to Bree’s blog, you might want to start at the beginning with #1 to see how she came to bree in our family! You can discover with her what life is like in her Forever Family and get to know us, as she spies on her people and surroundings with her own unique puppy perspective and personality. There are original songs on some entries, lots of photos, artwork, and surprises! If you are returning, the new entries are first. You can click on photos to see full size, music bars are easy to play, you can find songs under Where to Find... or as a Subscriber on The "Music & Coloring Book Pages" Page and return arrow or navigation will take you to home page, So please enjoy and leave a comment for our paw-thor Bree if you like something. Thank you and Aloha, Bree-loha!

This is going to be my first post here. I will be adding posts from my blog 🐶 to mamas blog so she can edit them and add new ones. I don't think she'd mind sharing with you that she is technologically challenged so has been behind on adding Woofer content for me. But now that she has her new website, she can edit her own blog and I asked her if she could be my assistant and help me with mine! Thank you MusicMama ❤️

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