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What are you giving thanks for? I'd love to hear from you and find out!

I am most grateful for all of you. Then I am grateful for my many blessings, because I have been fortunate in life to have so many wonderful gifts. A loving family, awesome friends, a safe home and a getaway cabin in the mountains, rich experiences throughout my life, talents I have been given that I am able to express, the means to share those talents, relatively good health (except for degenerative arthritis and incessant neck pain), relative financial security, spiritual guidance, Faith Hope and Charity, a support network, stuff, enough stuff, all the tools I need to create music,videos,writing and meals, enough romantic relationships in my past to fondly remember, enough memories to remember while I can remember, enough love in my life although we can all use more of that, the ability to share what I have been given with others, lots of awesome adventures in my past, hopefully lots of awesome adventures in my future, imagination and dreams, and now a blog where I can share my life with you! I am truly grateful for all of these blessings and more. Thank you to the Universe Divine! (Hear song I wrote for the "Universe Divine" on the music page)

As we celebrate in our various ways, let us remember that there are those out there who don't have anywhere to celebrate or anyone to celebrate with. Please join me in either prayer or just sending positive energy to those people. I hope that the next holiday season finds them in much improved circumstances. If you are able to volunteer your time to help serve some meals at a homeless shelter, put in a few hours at a local animal shelter, invite someone who has nowhere to go to your table for a meal or anything else you can do to make someone's lives better do it! These acts of kindness are returned to us in mysterious ways. I believe that the universe will reward us for paying it forward. When you think about it, none of us would have gotten where we are without help from someone or somewhere else. Gratitude to everyone and everything who has made me who I am, and you who you are. Let's celebrate each other this Thanksgiving day. Let's celebrate life! Let's live "ALOHA" every day we can, (Bree explains the meaning of aloha in her blog but I will include it here)

O au me ke aloha nō (I am with love)


Aloha is my favorite word in any language. It's a word that encompasses so much and it's one of those words whose true meaning is lost in translation. I love this definition of the word and it holds as true as any definition I've seen.

Aloha is a philosophy. It's a feeling, an expression of emotion. To live with aloha is to live with love, respect and empathy.

Ohana (family) ,

Hoapili (close friend),

and Hoaloha (friend, gift)

Although "Aloha" is most commonly used as a hello or goodbye greeting, meaning with love and Aloha spirit...

The exact translation is:

To consciously manifest life, joyously in the present. ALOHA! 🌈

I will close my entry for now because I have to go do some dishes! My daughter made us a lovely Thanksgiving dinner so she doesn't have to do dishes, my son won't do dishes, my husband doesn't wanna do dishes, and the dogs can't do dishes even though they've snuck food from them, which leaves guess who to do the dishes? Yup, MusicMom back to the kitchen now. But I hope I leave you with some inspiration, a smile or 2, and all the love from my mothers heart. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Jeanine a.k.a. MusicMom

These are raw videos I just took from earlier tonight. This is an experiment to see if I can upload videos, so the quality may not be the best and I can't extract the sound yet. However in the future, I will learn how to make these videos better and then be able to upload the best of them.



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