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This is my view through the trees of sunset in Big Bear Lake

This one is one of my absolute favorites. I took it from the beach after a day at the Santa Monica Pier with my family. I got lucky when that seagull flew right into the sunset. It was one of those fortuitous moments in photography.

This is a beach on Kauai that spent a little bit of time in editing. AfterI took this photo I never wanted to leave this location.

The sun over Big Bear Lake. I took this photo when we were out for a boat ride. Photo editing changed the look of this photo.

My AMAKUA, the sea turtle, with my mantra. My daughter once counted the amount of HONU that I had in my room and she came up with 44 of them. I said it wasn't fair to count the images on the dress separately! However I do have a lot of Honu,AKA, sea turtle. AMAKUA is your spirit guide.

This is my workspace on our deck at the cabin in Big Bear Lake. It is an incredible view every time I look up from the computer which is often when I'm working here. Unfortunately, due to the drought, we do not have water in our lagoon! But we do still have a view of the deep water portion of the lake. You can see my gorgeous son on my Mac desktop.

Of course I must include our three dog clown circus:The little one is GINNY, my rescue pup, In the center, where she likes to be, is BREE, our family dog, and that big goofy one on the right is my son's rescue SULLY. They are all featured on the Video page as well as the last page It's a Dogs World. BREE also writes her own blog. www.wusuppups,com and I am incorporating hers with mine here so that I can add entries.

This is my daughters dog, the sheltie BUDDY. He has since left us for the Rainbow Bridge and we miss him every day. But he had an awesome life with us and gave us so much love. You can see him in the video on the video page, "The Zoomies". He was an excellent role model for BREE whether she liked it or not!

This is the image I use to go with my new moniker, Tool Girl, which was given to me by my family when I started fixing stuff. I even ordered my own tool kit, drill, and a tool bag from Amazon. The tools are getting a lot of use! I have saved all of the assembly instructions from stuff I have assembled by myself from the materials included with the specific item. It is extremely frustrating when the instructions are impossible to follow which is 99% of the time. However, for some reason, I have developed a new attitude and I don't give up until it is finished. There is a quote that has become my mantra, "The right tool for the right job"

These are the bookshelves that I put together myself. There were wooden pieces galore, a ton of screws all in different categories, and just to really make you crazy, an assortment of nails. It only took staying up all night and all day to finish the bookshelf.

Assembly instructions for the bookshelf. If you want to keep your sanity, do not open

anything after the cover image!

I told you not to open it!

And these were the worst instructions ever!!!! Somehow I managed to get this under the sink organizer installed but it took another all nighter and some inappropriate language.

I even wrote "horrible" next to the installation instructions.

This is the bear head that I found hidden under a bunch of blankets on the upper bunk in my sons room at our cabin. I guess he had been hiding there for a while, but I found him and utilized him on the space above our entry door. Installation precariously by Jeanine on a step ladder 😱

This is the photograph that I am considering using as the cover for my next CD which I will be calling "Return to the Light". My first CD is called One Light. And the artwork seems to complement the first CD. Now all I have to do is write some more songs and record it!

There's what's important for me to remember. I hope it reminds you too. Thank you for visiting and reading my latest post. Have a beautiful day and

"Love Above All" Jeanine MusicMom

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