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OK, it has been a while since I have added a blog post. I have been so busy making new videos including coming up with the ideas, filming, editing, adding music that won't be a copyright issue which leads to having to create two versions of the same video, but that is another subject, and finally uploading these creations to share. Whew! Long sentence!

And that is the reason for this blog post. I can't add new videos to my own website!

When I built this website, you are currently visiting (Thank you), it was created to be a place where I could showcase my music, easily share the URL on business cards for contacts and otherwise use professionally. FortunatelyI did not have to create a template website for a typical business site, since my work is as an artist and I could be creative about the site.

I wanted to have beautiful images and artwork on the website as well as the video and audio content. So I added a lot of photos from my overcrowded MacBook library.

But back to the title of this blog post: JUST WANNA SHARE A VIDEO

I have been able to upload as many videos as I want to both of my YouTube channels.

However, the one issue I have as a creator is that there are many copyright infringement issues involved when you upload your videos. For example, "Apple Memories For You" on your iPhone helps you create memory videos through Artificial Intelligence.

Digression alert! Misnomer? Intelligence cannot be artificial can it?

Then you have a choice of music. But you cannot share these videos to platforms like YouTube because of copyright infringement notices.

So my website is a place I can post these videos created the way I envision with the music I choose.

But I have been unable to add two new videos that are important to have on the website. Why? After spending several hours with three different WIX advisers, I was told that they were having technical difficulties on the Wix end, and I could not upload anything until those were resolved. I don't want to make a long and frustrating story worse by making it longer and more frustrating for you to read, but some highlights of this experience include Waiting On Hold (one of the videos I want to upload ) explaining the issue three times, writing copious notes and taking ticket numbers. And currently on hold again with yet another hapless advisor who has no idea what he's in for when he is talking to Jeanine!

Hello ?

It's your Wix Advisor!

After over three weeks of trying to deal with this, it still remains unresolved. I even went through various options such as upgrading my plan, and then having to reverse that payment because the plan is supposedly already upgraded. OMG! Help me!

I just want to make videos and share them with you here on my website. My husband agrees with me (after being coerced into watching different versions of the videos) that the version I prefer with possible copy written music are much better. Which is why I want to post them here. You can see a couple of these videos on my YouTube channel

But I hope that he will be able to see my vision center here on our website.

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