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I wrote a previous part post about this issue and I did not think I would have to confront it again but I did last night. It's about the copyright again. As a singer/ songwriter/musician and composer I have been writing my own songs since I was a teenager. That's a lot of years of songwriting! If you read my previous post, "WHO'S TUBE IS IT ANYWAY?" you will see my story about that experience with "copyright infringement" on my own song. Well folks, here we go again!

Oh yes, again! I made a new incredible video to go with my song "GIVE UP THE LEMONS FOR THE LIMES" I stress the word MY song, because I wrote it years ago and registered it with the Library of Congress, blah blah blah, and have the copyright.

So, I am new to TikTok and decided I would like to post my new video and song on TikTok. I uploaded the entire video which played for about five minutes and looked and sounded really great. Until the sound was removed. There was my video visually, but there was no song. It is rather pointless to have a video created to accompany a song and not have your song there. Because I am new to this site, I had some trouble navigating around to try to find out what happened but eventually discovered. … COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT! So like the Groundhog Day that it was a couple of days ago, here we go again. I really wish Groundhog Day would be over!


I don't know why this is happening because I am a good person, these are my songs and I just want to use them in my little movies to entertain people. Since this just happened last night, it is still unresolved even though I found a way to contact TikTok and send a message. But just doing that took 25 minutes. I was so frustrated I thought what is the point of even being on TikTok in the first place. But lots of people seem to enjoy it, watching videos there and making their own. So I really hope that the good folks in charge there will allow me to use my own song. And maybe I can find out if this is the same company that caused all the headaches at YouTube. I'm pretty sure it is. But if you read that previous post, you will see that there is no one, human at least, to talk to you about it. So is this just going to keep happening over and over again with every song that I uploaded to that site? And what it gives them the right to claim copyright ownership of my songs? I just feel so helpless and frustrated.

Here is the collage video I made there last night. Making this little video was not a problem because I was able to use the music that TikTok offers on their site for free. So they did not remove the music! I must say thank you to them for the opportunity to create these little videos because I think it turned out well.

⬇️ And this is my video for MY song "GIVE UP THE LEMONS FOR DA LIMES"

Because this is my blog, nobody can take my music away! Awesome! This is a feeling of freedom and control that I was not feeling last night. I would love to know what you guys who are reading my blog think of the video, and if you agree with me that it would be pointless without the music. So, it's late at night and I've been up for hours again, obsessing about videos and blogs and copyrights and laundry waiting to be folded and whether I can afford to buy that new amplifier for my microphone and wondering if I fed the dogs and the fact that I have not eaten since yesterday but I've lost 20 pounds in the last couple of months while I'm obsessing about everything! ⬅️ Longest sentence ever! But in

case you are wondering, that is a good thing. I needed to lose that weight. I just don't wanna lose my mind! So please sit back, relax and enjoy this video. I put all of my mothers heart into it.


And if you've made it this far reading this blog entry, you probably feel like you're losing your mind as well! Sorry for that. But you'll be happy to read that I am going to go finish the laundry now and leave you. I really hope that you enjoyed my video and will let me know your feedback please! You can click the "Let's Chat" button at the bottom of every page of my website and send me a quick message with your thoughts. And/or please click the like option with the little ❤️! Thank you in advance!

Please take care of yourselves, your children. your family and friends, your pets, our beautiful planet and all those entrusted to your care. I wish you blessings from the 🪐 Universe DivineI 🌈

See you next time and I will close with my tag line,


PS I would like to say thank you to Alvin who was my advisor at WIX tonight helping me with this blog entry. He was awesome and I am going to write him a great review. He helped me to get my videos on to this entry and so much more! And thank you WIX for the opportunity to even have this blog I am truly grateful, and gratitude should be our attitude always.

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