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I have been working on this website for about three weeks now. I have managed to make the other three people who live with me mad. Why? Because I have been obsessed with the entire creation of this site to the exclusion of almost everything else in life. My husband keeps telling me to go to bed and eat some thing, not necessarily in that order, but I can't seem to get away from the computer. It's amazing that a person can go without sleep for this long. And still expect to function.

It's like going down a rabbit hole.

You think you've finished one task, and then something else crops up, or rather pops up. I've been doing too much photo editing! As I said on my page it would be so great if you could crop the things you don't like in life out of it. So then you think, well this will only take half an hour or so so I might as well do it. But it never takes a half an hour. The half hour becomes three hours. The 10 minutes becomes an hour. The day becomes a week. When they say you lose track of time you really do lose track of time when so involved with your new obsession. And this website creation has certainly become an obsession. Yet even though I am still working on it I have published it so it's available to see. I would love to have some feedback on everything I've done so far.

Like I told a friend, you lose perspective when you're so involved in some thing and really need other people to let you know if you've lost your mind or it's actually good. Today I took in a suggestion from a fellow musician to change the image on my homepage. When I did change the image it turned out to be much better. I used one of my own photographs for the background and it represents who I am much more than the image I had chosen.

And just when I thought I was finished, there was something else to do. It had to do with connecting my domain for a Google search and even though it sounds relatively simple it took several hours and it's still not done. That is why I've been up all night tonight. The sun is just about to come up and it's time for me to go to bed. Thanks for reading my friends.

Love as always and Love Above All! ❤️

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