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SPIDER BOTS❓! I had never heard of them before, and still don't know what they are. But apparently they can control our webpages and a lot of other things in our lives we are not even aware of. Since this webpage has been my life for the last three weeks, these spider bots have become something I have to deal with. It truly is a "brave new world"! Even George Orwell himself couldn't have imagined the very existence of spider bots, websites, SEO's, global warming, identity theft, Avatars, the Internet and all the various elements of the evolution of our technological world.

It all started just yesterday when I I discovered I was not listed on any search engines. SEO's are an element you need to have for a professional website. If you are not technically proficient, you are going to be in for a wild ride! Thankfully, my website builder, WIX, offers technical support by screen sharing with an advisor. I have taken advantage of this feature at least half a dozen times since creating the website. Thank you to all the poor hapless advisers who had to deal with my crazy issues. To say I am technologically challenged is an understatement! Fortunately they have all been incredibly patient and supportive while working to resolve any problems I had. I would like to thank Jessica in particular who was my WIX advisor yesterday. We were on the phone and screen sharing for hours! Not just one hour, many hours. I lost count after two. She is probably spending the day recovering, I know I am.

I initially called for help with a few of the videos that I have been adding to the Video page but it turned into a session about connecting my website to Google search. Previously I had tried to connect the website to the Google search engine without any luck after spending half a day in total frustration attempting to do it myself. Jessica does know how to, and she again emphasized the importance of being connected, and how it can bring traffic to your site. Every professional website needs to be listed with a SEO like Google. And all of them want to bring more visitors to their site. What is the point of having a website if nobody sees it? I have not confirmed this yet, but I am now supposed to be listed with Google so people can search my name and find my website.

TAGS are another component that I did not understand. I still don't but I have tags now. You can just randomly add them and create your own tag. For example you could add "Carrie Underwood" or "this is amazing" as tags. Even though your content has nothing to do with Carrie Underwood or it's not really amazing. (Random note: make sure you frequently click "save" no matter what you're doing or you run the risk of losing it.😱) In the future now that I know the value of adding a tag, I will be very creative about what tags to add. Jessica told me that these aforementioned spider bots, whatever they are, are the ones who view the content of your page and like the little spies they are, report back to Google with their arachnoid findings. So you have to make certain that your content matches your tags. This is what we did together, adding tags and connecting every page. As part of the work we had to do, I had to add descriptions about what each page was on the spot. Just try to come up with creative descriptions "on the spot" yourself to see what kind of pressure you're under. Luckily for both of us, some sort of creative muse kicked into gear and blessed me with the right words.

One example was in describing my Favorites page. I said, "This is my favorites page and it's my favorite". Duh! And on every page I had to add the words singer songwriter, or actor to satisfy those pesky spider bots, whatever they are. Ironically, on the Music page and the Musicians page I had never added singer songwriter. I had used the words musician and composer, but not singer songwriter. Add, save, refresh!

So after I post this blog entry, I am going to go and Google "what is a spider bot?" I probably still won't quite comprehend what a spider bot is, but at least I did my due diligence in research. When I asked her what in the world a SPIDER BOT was, Jessica said that it was so technical she couldn't even explain what they were to me, but that to just accept the fact that they exist and we needed to comply with their requirements to accomplish the completion of connecting my website to the search engine. Whew! I need more sleep. Even though you can function with only three hours sleep a night, it is not your ideal option for sleep times. So dear readers, make sure you get plenty of sleep every day, don't forget to eat, take care of yourselves and your loved ones, remember to be kind to others, stay safe, and if you personally ever have to deal with a spider bot, I wish you the very best of luck! As always, love above all!

Jeanine MusicMom ❤️



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