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I am still staying up all night and making my husband crazier than I am! He really wants me to go to sleep instead of getting up at 6 AM, his usual time, and finding me doing something. Yesterday when he woke up at 6 AM, I was polishing silver in the kitchen!I had lost track of time again and for me it was like being in the middle of the day. But I realize now how odd it must’ve looked to him to see his wife polishing silver at 6 AM.

I must say though the silver looks awesome now. I hadn’t cleaned it for years so it was tarnished and not something you want to show off. The silver polishing started when I was cleaning the top of our hutch and found a box of my grandmothers silverware. I adored my grandmother and miss her every day. She left me a beautiful12 piece set of silverware with a hand written note saying she hoped I enjoyed using it and serving my guests with it. So I polished every piece by hand and ordered a special silver box to keep it in from Amazon, because it had been in a cardboard box languishing up there for years. Thank you grandma Camille and I hope that wherever you are, you are smiling.

I decided to clean all of the silver pieces we own which includes a great tea set from grandma with coffee server, teaserver, sugar bowl, creamer, and spoons, and came with an antique tea table on wheels for service The tea table was pretty much destroyed by the kids and the dogs. Sorry grandma I know it’s a valuable antique and it IS still possible to fix it. I do have the pieces that were broken off. So before the sun comes up again, I wanted to post a new entry and I’m calling it, “It Never Ends” because it never ends! There seems to be something to do constantly and as I am further down the rabbit hole of “doing stuff“, there’s more stuff to do even while you are doing stuff. So I keep doing stuff!


Thank you for reading my latest post and my request for you is to please click on the “let’s chat“ button and send me a message whether you like reading the stuff I am posting or not so that I can edit posts. Speaking of editing, that activity never ends either. In fact I have to go edit one of my videos and it's one of my videos that needs music. As a musician and composer I am very selective about what music will go with the video. I’ve heard my own songs from the time of inception through recording them, mixing them and everything else that goes along with the process of creating a CD. So I don’t really want to select my song to go with a video even though my songs are free for me to use because I own the copyrights. I have to pay for any other music which is fine because as a composer I would preferred to be paid rather than not.

Speaking of videos, making them and editing, I think that is going to be my next post. I can write about my adventures on YouTube trying to post a video and how I couldn’t log out of Facebook on my iPhone. Until next time, be good to each other and remember love above all!

Jeanine MusicMom

Love Above All

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