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Words And Descriptions

We all use words!

Words we learn as babies.

Most parents hope to hear "Mama" or "Dada" as that first word.

Mine was "Doggie"

Sorry Mama and Dada.

My Daughters first word was Mama so I was delighted!

Her second word was "MINE"

She was referring to the new baby brother we brought home.

She reached out her tiny hands for him as if to say: "Hand him over! He is Mine!"

And he was!

This theme continued for her entire life!

My sons first words were: "Show me the money"!

And we did!

Here is her Mine:

As a writer, I use a lot of words! I have been writing ever since I could write!

My first short story was at age 12 about a girl and her horse. Wishful thinking at the time! Although I was blessed a few years later (after moving out on my own at 16) with my first job caring for and exercising two beautiful quarter horses. Riding every day was sheer bliss! So was having a place to live!

But I digress.

This post is about words and descriptions.

Ever since I began my third career as a videographer, one of the tasks involved in posting a new video to social media is writing a description of that video. I have spent time researching how to best accomplish a good description. Artificial intelligence was suggested for writing one.

But what kind of writer would I be if I didn't write my own description in my own words?

So here are 2 recent descriptions:

"Tango With Danny 

A Video By Jeanine 

Although this is not technically a tango, it is a dance! 

It is a joyous dance with Danny, my new angel baby buddy.

Thank You to Danny's parents for allowing us to share him for an afternoon. 

I hope they know that his grandma Maria and his 2 aunties did not toss him around like a football! 

Recently I went to lunch with these lovely lady friends. 

Maria knew how much I long to be a grandmother so she brought her precious grandson Danny to our lunch. 


As soon as I saw him, I fell in love with this beautiful baby!

At the restaurant Maria needed to make a stop at the ladies room and left Danny with me. 

I had already been singing the song “Oh Danny Boy" for his entertainment, so we looked at each other and decided to dance until she returned. 

In this video, you will see young Daniel dancing with me and his grandma complete with special effects and cool music: “You See My Soul” from musician Lukas Amil

Thank You for the Tango!

We wore this poor baby out! He is so good natured that he never fussed and he never cried. 

And although he is too young at five months to appreciate this video, one day he will remember how much he was loved. 

Thank you, Danny boy for the dance. 

I am sure that in the future your dance card will be full but I hope you save the last dance for me.


If you count by 8 you might notice that I have changed the canvas backgrounds to go with the music.

Our company Mother’s Heartlight Music is donating 100% of any profits from this YouTube/Website/LinkedIn/Facebook video to the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation.

If you are so inclined and inspired, please check them out and possibly consider any kind of donation to help. Especially for our children.

Our daughter passed away on December 7, 2022 from complications due to Type One Juvenile Diabetes  and finding a cure is of utmost important to us. Meghan loved dance and I wish I had one more dance with my girl.

But I think she would enjoy Danny and smile that her mama found someone so cute to dance with.

Thank you from Jeanine and Family" 

They say to add your social links to all your descriptions.

So I do.









"🐩 Dogs Are Cool 😎

🌟 Starring The 3 Amigos Pup Pack 🐕

Bree, Ginny and Sully

A Video From Jeanine Michaels

& Mothers Heartlight Music

If you are familiar with our channel and our videos, you know that our family loves dogs. We love all animals, but have three rescue dogs living with us currently as part of the family.

I have been a “dog rescuer” since my mother first brought me along on one of her stray lost dog rescues at seven years old. 

I have been watching for opportunities to rescue animals ever since. I got my own children involved when they were very young and both of them continued this very special work.

So making a video called “ Dogs Are Cool“ 😎was not only easy but fun. 

In this video you will see… Dogs!

Dogs Playing, Barking and Swimming

Dogs Walking, Watching, Waiting 

And Wagging Their Tails

Dogs Riding in a boat on the lake,

Dogs Chasing Stuff and

Dogs Making Professional Level Trouble!

Thank You to the Epidemic Sound music library and to

Musicians: Rockin’ For Decades

For the very cool song

“More Than You Can Chew“

Not only is it a appropriate title but it is the perfect song for this video.

Mother’s Heartlight Music is donating 100% of any profits from this YouTube/Facebook/LinkedIn/ video to either the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or The Humane Society of the United States. 

If you are so inclined and inspired, please check them out and possibly consider any kind of donation to help animals in need. Or you can always volunteer with your local animal shelters or other worthy organizations.

Adopt Don’t Shop and love your Fur Babies! They will give you unconditional love in return. 

For our YouTube viewers: 

Please subscribe to the channel if you have not already, 

Like 👍🏼if you like the video, 

Share and please feel free to comment. 

Your feedback helps us make better videos for you in the future and content you will enjoy!"

Hence the Title: Words And Descriptions...

Don't Let Those Big Words Scare You!

Thanks For Reading! 📚

Please come back to my blog for more!

With Love,


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